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Volunteer public clean up



Bowman welcomes all those who wish to volunteer! Parent involvement helps ensure a successful academic career. 

What you should know about volunteering:

  • All Volunteers must complete and turn in a Volunteer Application Packet (You may print one off this page or pick one up in the school office)
  • All Volunteers must complete a TB Test within 60 days before and return the results to the school office
  • After application and TB test has been turned in to office, office will refer you to the HUB. All Volunteers must be fingerprinted by the district and cleared to volunteer
  • Additional steps are required for chaperoning on school field trips
  • Parents should always communicate with teachers before going to classrooms to assist
volunteers eating

HUB Fingerprinting

To ensure the safety of all our students here at Bowman Elementary, adults volunteering in a classroom who are left unsupervised with students must complete the fingerprinting process at the HUB

The fee for fingerprinting is $61 and you must schedule an appointment prior to going to the HUB. **Fee may be waived, please check in with Office!