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Rules and Discipline

Positive Discipline

PBIS Rules: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Empathetic

Reflection Sheets Referral Forms
Reflection sheets are to be filled out by students to reflect on their behavior when they are not following the PBIS rules of being safe, respectful, responsible, or empathetic. Students will be asked to bring these home to discuss with their families and then sign and return the next day. Referrals are used when the 4th reflection sheet is issued to your child. He/she will be sent to the office to discuss the issues with the principal. Referrals are also used for students that have broken the Ed Code. Students will be seen by the principal and consequences will be determined based on the infraction.


Playground Equipment Rules

  • Walk on ALL play structures - chasing and tag are not allowed!

  • Students must get off immediately when the bell rings & squat.

  • Walk on blacktop at all times.

  • Walk off the structures at all times.

  • Stay away from BART fence. Keep equipment away from BART fence.

  • Students should not assist, push, or pull others onto any play structures.


Green Structure

Slides Track Ride
  • Walk up ladder; go one at a time

  • Sit! Go feet first only; move out of the way once down the slide.

  • Hands/fingers must be held in lap or up on roller slide.

  • Move away from all slides so next person can go.

  • Lines form on platforms at both ends.

  • Grab handle with both hands.

  • Each ride is one way only – not over and back.

Barrel Roller Pole
  • One at a time.

  • Hold side handles with both hands.

  • Next in line count to 25 for his or her turn.

  • Keep hold of pole when sliding down


Monkey and Other Bars

Monkey Bars Horizontal Bars
  • Hold on with two hands

  • Take your time

  • Line starts on structure

  • One direction only

  • Do not jump from the bars

  • Hold on with two hands.

  • Cherry drops are not allowed.

Climbing Wall  
  • Climb slowly.

  • Hold on with two hands at all times



Miscellaneous Playground Rules

  • Throwing/catching games are allowed ONLY on the field and FAR from buildings and the fence

  • Soccer balls, kickball, footballs, and/ or frisbees are allowed on the field only (except under teacher supervision)

  • During Intermediate recess, 6th grade uses basketball court closest to field, 5th grade has the center, and 4th grade uses the half courts near the cafeteria. During Primary recess, 3rd grade uses basketball court closest to field, 2nd grade has the center, and 1st grade uses the half courts near the cafeteria.

  • Bathroom and water usage should be done during recess.  

  • Hallway should be left clear during recess.  You need to be visible by yard duty at all times.  

  • 5th and 6th graders may play two-hand touch football.  4th graders may play catch only.  1st through 3rd grade may play catch with nerf ball only.