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About Our School

School Information


We serve, we teach, we challenge all learners of the Bowman Community.


Collaborative teachers share best practices to ensure high standards for teaching and learning in their student centered classrooms. Intervention and enrichments are sought out and implemented. Parents are included. We trust ourselves and trust each other. Parents are welcomed to participate in school events and are respected partners in their student's education. Students at Bowman are supported by strong, age appropriate standards and plans and are nurtured by collaborative classrooms. School staff will provide team building through positive community experiences; student climate is manifested by kindness and through resolving conflicts amicably and fairly. When the staff supports each other with authenticity and without judgement, shares ideas, listens and shows cohesion, we provide a model of unity to the students.  


PBIS Rules:

Be safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Empathetic.