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Fresh Fruit and Salad Bar


Please have your child take full advantage of or fresh fruits and vegetables daily!!  Ranch dressing provided for veggies. 


"Our Cafeteria Lady"

Fancy Nancy

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Lunch Program and Healthy Living

Free and Reduced Lunch

You may apply to see if you qualify for free or reduced lunch by completing an application in the office. Please allow 10 days for processing. You must pay for your meals until you are approved for free or reduced lunch. Letters will be sent to those students who do not qualify. 


Lunch Prices

Students must bring money to pay for their meals or you will owe the district. You may also choose to prepay your child(ren) lunches with cash or check made to HUSD by stopping by the Cafeteria Manager’s office.


  Full Price  Reduced Price
Breakfast $1.00 $0.30
Lunch $2.00 $0.40

Healthy Snacks and Suggestions for Classroom Celebrations

As a school we play a vital role in promoting student wellness and preventing childhood obesity. By helping students make nutritious choices wherever food is available (including the classroom), schools can positively influence children’s eating habits.

  • Fresh fruit
  • Dried fruit (raisins, cranberries, apricot, banana chips)
  • 100% fruit snacks or fruit rollups
  • Fruit cups
  • Fresh vegetables (celery or baby carrots with peanut butter)
  • Whole-grain crackers
  • Graham crackers
  • Animal crackers
  • Pretzels or hot pretzels
  • Low-fat popcorn
  • Rice cakes
  • Bread sticks
  • Bagel slices
  • Pop Tarts
  • Whole-grain muffins/English muffins
  • String cheese or cheese cubes
  • Low-fat pudding
  • Low-fat yogurt, yogurt smoothies or yogurt parfaits
  • Granola or granola bars
  • Nuts or trail mixes
  • Beef or turkey jerky
  • Low-fat or fat-free milk
  • 100% fruit juice box/pouch
  • Water/flavored sparkling water (no added sugars or sweeteners)

Message from Nurse Exia


Notes From the P.E Office


Notes From the P.E Office

Please remember these 3 simple steps to staying healthy:

1. Eat healthy foods, mostly the vergetable/fruit groups, the whole grain groups, and the egg/beans/fish goups. This also includes drinking alot of water throughout each day.

2. Exercise at least 1 hour per day, to get the heart and breathing racing. It's easy to break it up throughout the day, for those of us who can't get a full hour of time. This could be something like walking to the store instead of driving, or climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator, or stretching and deep breathing at your work place for 10 minutes, or walking the dogs, or dancing.

3. Sleep well, in a cool, dark, quiet space, for a long time. A good rest is essential for our mind, brain, and body to be well.

There are so many benefits from these simple steps:

1. feeling healthy

2. feeling good about ourselves

3. keeping a healthy body weight

4. increasing our test scores and attention span 5. keeping a high level of energy and endurance 6. increasing life span 7. keeping us strong against diabetes, cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis (and more diseases) 8. lifts our spirits and fights against depression 9. reduces stress a euphoric feeling.

Finally, no sugar, no candy, no sodas.

Sugar is the main problem with so many health issues:

1. obesity

2. diabetes

3. tooth decay

4. weak bones

5. decreases appetite for healthy foods

6. increases health and hospital costs

We will feel so good about ourselves, and others, knowing we are doing these simple steps that bring us so many positive aspects in our lives. They're not hard steps, and we can make progress everyday, when we make a couple of changes everyday.

Thank you, and here's to our good health.

Coach Puente, P.E., Bowman Elementary Schoolcoachwhistle.jpg