Kinder Enrollment Requirements

Bowman welcomes all students who wish to enroll at our Elementary School. We pride ourselves on our dedicated kindergarten staff to provide your kindergartner will all the tools they will need to be successful as primary and intermediate students. 

Before enrolling your student there is some preparation necessary. Below is a checklist of everything you will need to register your student:

  1. Proof of birth. Acceptable documents include a birth certificate, baptismal certificate or passport.
  2. Medical Examination Document. All students entering kindergarten are required to receive a medical examination by a licensed professional. 
  3. Dental Examination. As with the medical examination, all students entering kindergarten are required to receive a dental examination by a licensed professional. 
  4. Current Immunizations record. 
  5. Proof of residence. Proof of residence documents include any two utility bills registered in the name of either guardian of the student you wish to enroll. In special circumstances in which you are unable to provide such documentation an "Affidavit of Residence" may be granted by the district office. * Hayward Unified School District is organized into residential boundaries. Use the school boundary look-up link on the right of the page to find out which school your residence is in. If you are not in the Bowman Elementary Boundary you may request an Intra-District transfer with the HUSD Office. Contact the CWA department for more information. 
  6. Parent or Guardian ID 
  7. Complete Enrollment Packet ( An enrollment packet can be picked up in the school office Monday through Friday 8am-3:30pm.)



Enrollment Center

Centro de Inscripciones 


 24823 Soto Rd, Hayward CA, 94544 - Room 18​